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25 Effective Essential SEO Tips & Techniques That'll Boost Website Rankings

The following are 25 effective Search Engine Optimization techniques and tips to bring success to your website, blog and online business.

1. Submit your website or blog to relevant web directories using the right category.

2. Write articles that are relevant to your website’s topic and submit them to article directories. Make a nice short biography which includes a link to your website. 

3. Write unique and useful articles or blog posts. Google loves unique, useful and well-researched information. This is one of the most important techniques to increasing loyal visitors to your site – visitors who are not disappointed and those who keep on coming back to your site.

4. Submit your site to social media sites. Create the right title, description, category, tags and keywords.  

5. Create a Twitter account and make a daily tweet. Include personal tweets, and not only links to your website.

6. Create a Facebook page for your website and post useful and interesting wall posts. Share your website’s best resources.

7. Promote your website in your personal Facebook profile. Share your best web pages, articles or blog posts. Make more friends and be a real friend to them. Interact like a real human being and not a robot.

8. Join forums which discuss topics relevant to your website. If you have a marketing website, then join and participate in marketing forums. Include your title and website link in your forum signature, which is always shown at the bottom of your forum threads or replies.

9. Visit blogs that are similar to yours or those that publish contents similar to yours. Make relevant and engaging comments. Avoid making spam comments. Put your real name and not your keyword to ensure that the blog owner will approve your comment and recognize you as a friend.

10. Answers questions that are relevant to your expertise on Yahoo Answers. Use your link as a support to your reliable answers. Try to give the best answers. 

11. Write more and more articles to have more and more pages to be indexed in search engines.

12. Make intriguing, engaging and realistic titles on your articles or blog posts. Even if you’re not number 1 in Google search page, let us say you’re just number 4, if your title is more interesting, it is more likely that the search engine user will prefer to visit your link.

13. Don’t put ads or popup ads that obstruct your readers. Make your site user and reader-friendly. Never put ads that are not relevant to your website.

14. If you’re using WordPress, use these WordPress plugins: All in one SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Google XML Sitemap for Images and Smart Archives Reloaded.

15. Protect your comment system from Spam. Remove all comments and links that are not relevant to your contents. Also, reply to your visitors’ relevant comments. Answer them like you want to help them.

16. Use the right title, description, tags and keyword in your blog posts and web pages. 

17. Put relevant title, alt texts/tags and description in the images attached or used in your blog posts or web pages. Don’t be lazy to do this.

18. Improve your internal links and structure. Link your pages to other relevant pages within your site.

19. Use the right local SEO tools and software. Avoid linking to irrelevant sites. Prefer deep linking. Some SEO software may increase your back links rapidly, but they also disappear quickly. Grow like a tree, not a grass that dies swiftly.

20. Write and contribute guest posts to high ranking blogs in your niche or category. Link your short bio to your site. Make sure to write useful and interesting articles. Also, reply to your guest post’s comments.

21. Nominate your website or blog in web or blog award bodies. If you win, you will surely earn lot of links from sites or blogs who will publish the award results. Therefore, do your best to have an award winning website or blog.

22. Create or write articles, blog posts and other contents that haven’t yet published by other online publishers. Analyze the search engine and get the important topics that are not yet available. If you become the first to publish, you’ll be more likely to be on the top of the search engine for that topic. Check the suggested keywords in the Google search engine “I’m feeling lucky”.

23. Make your website light and fast-loading. Optimize the size of your images and other media that cause your site to be heavy. 

24. Make SEO friendly URLs. For example: use rather than If you’re using WordPress, you can do that automatically by changing your permalink settings.

25. Be diligent and be patient. 

I hope these  strategies will help you achieve your online and other personal goals by generating traffic to your website

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