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10 Best SEO Techniques That'll Increase Your Search Traffic

The famous English saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” holds true when we talk about SEO. 

So, here are some easy to follow and easy to remember techniques to let you handle SEO efficiently.

1. Content Is Always The King:

Everything else is rendered futile if the content of your website is not up to the mark. Write an honest account but make it informative for the user to visit again. Involve some elements for the interest of the visitor.

2. Links – Back and Forth:

The more links you place on other websites, the higher chances you have to be visited. The idea is to place your link with anchor text and lure the user to your page. Quality links can be placed for making your presence felt.

3. A Catchy Title Does It All:

Title your web page aptly according to the content. Make sure Google can understand it when screening. Mostly, the titles should be close to the keywords to sound relevant. It is not always the top result which gets attention, but attractive titles also pull off the same way. Incorporating great titles can get you more of the relevant traffic.

4. Proper Headline tags:

While making the content design for your website, be cautious to place it in the order of importance. Your tags should explain the purpose of the text and do not overdo it.

5. Do Internal Linking In An Intelligent Way:

Link the pages wittily to make it easier for the robots and visitors to find your website. When a user visits the corresponding pages, they should be linked in the manner of relevant copy. This way they would know what is expected of the next page. Also use the nofollow tag at pages for which you’d rather not be listed in the search engine rankings, some examples of these are the terms and conditions and privacy policy pages.

6. Keyword Density:

Though the density of keywords maintains your ranking in SEO but overdoing it can kill the effect. An unspoken rule in online business is less than 5% density of the copy per page. More than this and it will start looking too fluffy or can be confused for spam. Write quality content and make it good. 

7. Sitemap – A Map to Your Content:

To ensure a smooth finding of the content on your site, you can incorporate sitemaps. Every search engine has this feature and they support sitemaps. It makes it easier and faster to find the relevant content for robots while screening.

8. Meta Tags Are Actually Important:

It is a myth that meta tags are not vital. They are every bit as important as anything in pulling information from your webpage. Sometimes, Google pulls this part of the copy for display under search results if it is matching with the keywords entered.

9. Relevant URL Structure:

Your URL should always be in tandem with the content on your website. This is an important factor and can be done in many ways.

10. Good Domain:

Domains can be an important base for providing the keyword that you want to rank for. It can be from within the titles, headlines or the content itself. Older sites are seen to be doing well in the search results for there is lesser fear of spam. They readily flash on the result’s page and are vital. 

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