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How can I get funding without worrying about idea getting stolen.
Suppose I have a great idea for an app based startup, and don't know how to create an app if i am from a Non technical background.

So how can I get funding as well as get my app designed without worrying about idea getting stolen. I mean how can I tell the business plan to investor since it's just an idea?
What is a startup?
What exactly a startup is defined by Indian govt
What is SEO?
I wanted to know what is SEO and how it effect business.
How does a startup work?
I want to open a startup, but before that I wanted to know how a startup works.
How much investment is required to start?
I don't have a lot of money, so how much would I need and what would I need it for? For generic things. How much budget should I keep?
How to Start Session in PHP?
Where we start session and when we destroy session in php?

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